What to expect

I can’t wait to see you! Here is some detailed information to help you prepare for your visit.


I know it's tempting because my studio is so cute, but please, no personal photography or video during your shoot. Thank you. 

Maternity Sessions


We like to schedule Maternity Sessions anytime after 27 weeks. We want to see that baby bump! You can bring any outfit you would like to bring to the session, however I’d love to give you some suggestions if you are unsure what to bring. A pair of regular jeans. They do not need to zip, just fit everywhere else and make you feel beautiful. Tanks: white and bright colors work the best, bright colors bring out the excitement of any occasion. Finally, any sweaters or shirts that button in the front and a cute, colorful scarf!
Bring anything you like, we just want to make sure to show off your tummy! Take a look at my website to get an idea of what other moms have done. If you have a bunch of outfits, please remember that we have to stay inside the alloted time. 
Newborn Sessions


Please reserve your session when you are still pregnant to insure that I can fit them in while they are still small. Sessions fill up quickly! Once you deliver be sure to have me on your call list to set up a firm date for your appointment. 


Newborns are best photographed within the first fourteen days of life. They are so sleepy and posable at this age. We will be able to get those cute curled poses that isn’t really possible with older babies. After fourteen days they really start to wake up and lose that bendy squishiness that I love. All of the babies on my site have been photographed in this time frame. I have all the cute hats, headbands and props in my studio to use. I am always adding to my collection! You are welcome to bring anything special if you like. 


Baby Sessions


Babies are best photographed between 6/8 months. This is my favorite baby age; when they are able to sit alone unaided, but before they start to crawl! They are so incredibly smiley and happy at this age!


When preparing for our photo shoot, please bring a few outfits. We will be doing several outfit and backdrop changes throughout your session. There’s nothing more adorable than taking pictures of the little ones in all sorts of playful apparel. Little boys please bring a little pair of jeans or khakis. I have hats, headbands, ruffle rompers, onesies, diapers covers, and so much more in the studio for you to use to.


A favorite toy is helpful to get that perfect a smile! If you’d like, please bring a small snack and drink for a little break if needed. Please nothing that can stain their faces! lol Cheerios are perfect. 

Kids Sessions


Kids enter the age of many expressions and emotions. It's a lot of fun capturing them. Please bring the clothes that you would like them photographed in. We have some clothes and accent wear that we like to use. Accent wear are headbands, hats, glasses and ties really add character to a portrait. Make sure they are rested, as little kids can be restless when they get tired. 

Family Sessions


Please let me know in advance what colors your family will be wearing! This allows us to prepare the backdrop and studio setting prior to your arrival. I would suggest choosing three colors and mixing them up between all the family members. You want to match but not to matchy! Feel free to bring more than one outfit for the children! 


With every family session we will also we photographing all of the children together and separately! 

Outdoor Sessions
Outdoor sessions can be for family, children or maternity sessions. Different times of the year create amazing backdrops to your portraits. Please dress weather accordingly. 
*All outdoor sessions are conditional on weather and may need to be rescheduled due to less than desirable conditions.